POWER TO RESIST – Lifelong Learning Programme

26 iunie 2013
1 august 2013

POWER TO RESIST – Lifelong Learning Programme



Numele proiectului: Power to Resist

Finatator: Comisia Europeana, Partneriate pentru invatare – GRUNDTVIG

Durata proiectului: 01.08.2013 – 31.07.2015

Parteneri: Danemarca – Localitatea Viborg, Suedia – Localitatea Tranemo, Spania – Localitatea Ceuti, Anglia – Oldham Agency

Scopul proiectului: „The non-formal and informal learning organizations in the society have a common knowledge and tools to change adults / parents / families’ attitudes towards destructive alcohol behavior.”

The Power to Resist project is about identifying and state a common message regarding the risks and problems that alcohol abuse can cause. This knowledge is for the first target group (all the actors in the society like the municipality, NGO’s, church, youth organizations, clubs, local stores etc.) to reach out to the second target group (adult/parents/families, end users).

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