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ALIAT is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization, established in 1993 by mental health professionals. Currently ALIAT is the leading NGO in the addiction field (alcohol and other drugs) in Romania.

The main area of work: Prevention of alcohol and other drugs use and abuse, Treatment for the addicted people, Training for professionals working in the addiction field and Advocacy regarding public policies and national legislation in the field of addiction.

ALIAT is a founder of Romanian Harm Reduction Network (RHRN). „Harm Reduction” is a public health policy, aiming to reduce the risks associated with drug use. In the same time, „harm reduction” represents a set of strategies designed to reduce the negative consequences of drug use, starting with risk reduction and ending with controlled use and abstinence. Risk reduction interventions target the drug users and their use behavior. ALIAT has been developing harm reduction programs since the year 2000.

ALIAT has been developing activities in the fields of prevention and treatment of substance (alcohol and other drugs) abuse since 1999. With each and every project ALIAT has been breaking new grounds (in the field of substance abuse):

  • The first primary prevention of drug use in schools, based on peer networks. (IN-DEPENDENT – 1999,STIUCAPOT – 2009)
  • The first needle exchange program – harm reduction strategy. (Minimal Risk – ongoing since 2000)
  • The first program of competence building in the addiction field for the professionals activating in services oriented towards drug users. (COMPETENCE BUILDING IN THE ADDICTION FIELD) – 2002 – 2005
  • Editing the first „Romanian Treatment Guide for Psychoactive Substance Abuse”.
  • Drawing-up several publications for training the professionals activating in the addiction field: „Abuse and addiction of psychoactive drugs. Handbook for medical students and junior psychiatrists.”, „Relapse prevention. Practical guide for professionals.”, „Teaching guide in the field of substance abuse”
  • In 2004, ALIAT initiated a partnership with the „Alexandru Obregia” Hospital, finalized with the opening of the first out-patient’s center for evaluating and treating the alcohol abuse issues. (ALCOHELP).
  • 2009. The first e-health platform for prevention and treatment of alcohol – ALCOHELP. AlcoHelp represents an instrument of prevention, intervention and orientation towards specialized services for people with alcohol abuse. It’s easy to use and it guarantees confidentiality and anonymity of those who use it.
  • ALIAT was invited by The National Anti-Drug Agency to participate at the discussions on the change of Law no. 143 regarding the fight against drug use and trafficking. ALIAT also participated in a work group for drawing-up the treatment standards for substance abuse.
  • In 2011 ALIAT opened two social inclusion centers for alcohol addicts and their families. One in Bucharest and one in Targoviste. Services provided: Treatment, job training, legal counselling and assistance for job employement.
  • In 2013 ALIAT started ALCOINFO projects, early detection and short interventions in General Hospitals
  • In 2014 ALIAT launched 14 social economy enterprises for vulnerable groups
  • In 2015 ALIAT is opening 7 treatment centers for people with alcohol use problems in a social economy project
  • In 2018 ALIAT launched ALCOHELP app and ALCOLINE, short phone line for people with alcohol use problems and their families
  • In 2019 ALIAT is organizing the first national screening on alcohol abuse problems, toghether with the National Institute of Public Health. www.ziuaaudit.ro